Gary Cheung

Product Design UI/UX

Graphic & Brand

Industrial Design

Previously @ SpaceX, Astro Studios, Motorola Solutions, and a handful of startups.

Currently developing AI activated tools and systems to help businesses create new innovative realities. 🌐︎

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Confidential Projects

Projects span from industrial design, brand guidelines, vehicle design, internal/external presentations, 3D animation & visualization, and architecture.

Role: Freelance Designer & Industrial Design Intern

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Space Science AI Simulation

By leveraging AI-enabled simulations, Titanspace makes space accessible like never before. 

From ideation and creation to manufacturing and launch — our products help you explore the infinite possibilities of space.

Role: Concept Designer, UX Designer.

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OTT Video

An online over-the-top video streaming platform focused on leveraging a credit-based subscription model. Based on the “ClassPass” model, this service acts as a super-aggregator of small video-on demand applications, delivering subscribers with nearly limitless content across an vast collection of services.

Role: Production Artist, Art Direction.

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Press: TechCrunch, TV Insider, Protocol, dot.LA, Reviewed, Fierce Video.

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Crypto-Wealth Generation

A mobile application-based private wealth management platform that offers automated crypto trading and passive investment portfolio optimization for its network of pioneering technologists and tech entrepreneurs. 

Supermassive brings institutional grade analysis and integrated DeFi services all-in-one simplified service.

We provide purpose-built Guildhouses in key cities that improve collective efficiency, productivity, and actionable intelligence of the members.

Role: Co-founder, Concept Designer.

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Health Supplements

The goal of Voli Wellness' brand and design refresh is to reignite our connection with outdoor activities, drawing inspiration from the imagery of classic cinema and the nostalgic appeal of vintage logos and typography.

It's a nod to an era before digital distractions, when outdoor recreation was a more integral part of everyday life.

Role: Graphic Designer


The Georgian Hotel is a historic gem nestled in the heart of Santa Monica. Known for its iconic blue façade and beachfront location, it's a beacon of 1930s Art Deco elegance amidst the modern Californian landscape.

The Georgian Hotel is more than just a place to stay; it's a journey back in time, a tangible connection to the glamour of a bygone era. The hotel's branding plays a crucial role in this narrative. It's not just about aesthetics, but about telling a story, creating an immersive experience that begins the moment a guest encounters the stylized 'G' logo or the carefully chosen color palette.

The branding sets the Georgian Hotel apart, making it not just a destination, but a landmark, a testament to the timeless allure of Santa Monica's rich history.

Role: Lead Graphic & Brand Designer

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Medical Devices

To give people confidence in their well-being and everyday lives. Cooper is a medical device manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada that is focused on innovative, high quality, & honest personal protection equipment.

Role: Co-founder, Brand & Design.

Materials: Non-woven & Hydrostatic Meltblown Polypropylene, Cotton, Spandex, Nylon, Coated Galvanized Iron, Polyurethane.

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A 35mm camera driven by form logic of geometric boolean unions. Comfortably centered around a cylinder for controls and settings and a rectangular body to house film, flash, batteries and other processing electronics.

Materials: Anodized titanium shell, molded ABS skeleton, T* antireflective coated glass, TPU compound grip.




Adaptive footwear utilizing the distinctive properties and materials of Carbon M2 3D printing. Designed for the downtown Los Angeles consumer, they feature an open lattice midsole imbued with photosensitive pigment to keep you cool, provide personalized support, and adjust to formality needs.

Materials: Knitted nylon, lycra, leather, polyester, EPU.



Office Supplies

Stapler mechanical retrofit intended to explore visual expression through usage, function and a safer loading/unloading sequence.

Materials: Anodized aluminumextrusion, polished aluminum, silicone base, and aluminum fasteners.




Everyday carried earbuds. An exploration of form and function to revive objects of nostalgia.

Materials: Injection molded plastic, silicone ear tips, and aluminum/copper/titanium diaphragm sound driver.



Wearable Hardgoods

A 5 hour helmet speedrun with goals of achieving C2 curvature continuity throughout forms and transitions.

Materials: Windform composite, hesalite, polyurethane, TPU compound.




A companion sized keyboard inspired by simple lattice textures and bold graphics used to highlight its unique materiality and low run manufacturing processes.

Materials: Anodized titanium shell, brass fasteners, silicone coated brass base, and custom moulded frosted and non-frosted doubleshot ABS DSA keycaps.