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A recent #helmetchallenge movement between designers gave me free reign to create a helmet in any program desired. This was my submission. Below is a helmet focused on affordable space travel for SpaceX without going into feasibility.

This was first designed through sketches and taken straight into Solidworks for surfacing to speed up the process. The main focus on this exercise was to achieve C2 curvature continuity throughout all of the forms and transitions.

little extra but frankly took longer than 5 hours!

solidworks| keyshot


Poseidon is a fantasy SCUBA helmet for high speed deep sea exploration.

The idea behind this project was more to do with the learning of surfacing in Solidworks and how far can the program be pushed to understand the limitations of program stability.

As shown in the cross section, the process behind building this helmet began as orthographic sketches on three planes with a head model for proportion. The model was then built off of these.

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